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Auto Repossession
Insured by Lloyds of London $1,000,000.00


Repo Agents


National Recovery Network, LLC. has been in operation for over twenty years. We specialize in Hardcore Fugitive and Collateral recovery nationwide and abroad. Our in-house investigative team tracks down the most elusive skips.. When we assign our Agent(s) (your company) an account, the given locations have been thoroughly researched or pre-text by our investigators. We give you verified Debtor information, good home and/or work addresses, we don't waste your time. We never double assign.

Regardless of your fees, we often offer many incentives to our Agents such as bounties and/or bonuses on particular cases such as; if you pick up the unit(s) with in the first 24 hours from the time of assignment, Therefore, making it beneficial to agents to pick up these units as soon as possible. National Recovery pays our Agents fee within 48 hours of the pick up.

A number of our cases have windows of opportunity (time restrictions) on when we can pick them up. We appreciate our Agents to run these accounts immediately if our office requests you too. We require you to provide an after hours number in case additional verified information is received. We expect to be notified immediately upon our unit being picked up.

Please forward your fees for Involuntary, Voluntary, your coverage area, certificate of insurance and a list of equipment you use to make the pickups along with your contact information. I will then forward your information to my General Manager for review and approval.

We Need Great Agents in the following locations :

Florida (all counties)
California (Northern)
New Jersey (South)
Georgia (all counties)

National Recovery Network, LLC. is always seeking professional aggressive agents, to request an agent packet, please
Click Here


Repo Employment

National Recovery Network LLC., and its affiliates are an equal opportunity employer, we are always seeking only the top producers for the following positions : Skiptracers,  Field Agents, Fugitive Recovery Agents, Transporters. Please email your resume Click Here






I want to thank you for all you did for me. You are a
truly wonderful person and helped me through this
stressful ordeal more than you'll ever know. I will
always be grateful for your patience and kindness!!

Also, would you please tell Rick the job he does for
people is amazing and I know without him being in the
kind of work he does, I would not have my truck today.
Please tell him thank you and that he is greatly

Thank you again and may God continue to bless you and
watch over you!

S. Robinson, Nevada

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